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The philosophy behind
Empowered by Nina Boons

I don’t believe in diets, they don’t work.

As an integrated nutrition health coach I do believe in YOU.
Each individual is unique.

We honor that with customized plans and sessions to fit your needs and personal goals.
What are you prepared to work for?

With chronic disease on the rise, there are a few commonalities, which are our specialty:

- importance of gut health and a healing protocol
- the gut-brain-axis
-immune boosting lifestyle
- In the concept of nutritional upgrade we learn how to load your plate with goodness and ditch cravings by simply deconstruction their root cause.

It is a lot easier to to fight something if you know what you are up against.
Root-cause-analysis in health matters is what we really do.
We will identify patterns and help you to break through habits by understanding what is really going in your body.  
Time to reconnect with your inner voice and that gut feeling.

We don’t stop asking questions until we get to the bottom of it all.

Sadly, we have forgotten how good we are meant to feel in our body.

Time to learn how to
Empower Yourself.


Stay sane in quarantine

A guide through nutritional, emotional and mental well-being during quarantine


This is me

Nina Boons

6 countries over 15 years is the reality of the chosen expat lifestyle.

From being totally independent to married as trailing spouse with kids. Name a challenge of expat lifestyle and I surely will have some good tips ready.

But what does happen in real life after happily ever after in an expat marriage with third culture kids?!

This is where the movie ends due to severe happy ending.
You graduate, you study, you work, you marry, you have kids, ideally in your early 30´s.

Mission accomplished.

This is where the clear instructions for life stop.

Can you relate ?!

I wasn’t prepared for what happens when two become one., as in one family. Then suddenly we were 3 and 4.
I went from total independence and being my own person, to being literally stamped in the passport as subsidiary to my husband.
Suddenly I was Mam Boons and someone´s mum, not even legally allowed to work.


By the end of 2015 we had been told to move back to Panama. It felt like the promised land.

But our imagination was swiped away by reality. It wasn’t anything what we had hoped for.
Foolish I felt for believing we could pick up where we left off.

 I fell very ill and it took nearly 3 years to get back on track.
Untreated and left alone by the world I battled a laundry list full of symptoms associated with Adrenal fatigue, burn out, thyroiditis, gut dysbiosis and finally Hashimoto´s disease.
Me not functioning took a massive toll on the family, surely something that happens to many couples, yet, no one likes to get candid about.

In between all, entrepreneurship found me. 

Now, still in Panama we are expats in reverse. We said no to the company and are holding out at the place we call home. I felt like I needed to be literally grounded to offer stability and roots to my kids.

After a long phase of recovery and becoming pretty proficient in root-cause analysis in health matters, I decided to become a certified integrated nutrition & health coach.
Helping people has become my calling and here I am.
I believe no amount of  Broccoli is going to save us unless we find a balance in body, mind and soul.

We have totally forgotten how good we are meant to feel in our bodies and I am here to spread empowerment.

Tune in to learn what my secret weapons are.

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