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1 simple trick to induce calm

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

1 simple trick to beat stress, anxiety and panic attacks and increase lung volume at the same time .

By this time most of us are in some form of quarantine.

We are working from home, cooking, washing, cleaning more than ever and juggling our kids homeschooling process. We are sharing more time and space than ever before. While some of us are isolated and alone having no one to share their worries with.

Yet we are all bombarded with news, social media, fake news and information overflow. We are confronted with situations we only know out of movies and it is difficult to respond rational and in a calm manner.

We are all scared, we are anxious and fearful. Smallest triggers let us jump into a tense response that under normal circumstances wouldn’t even bother us.

No one ever stayed calmed or relaxed just because he has been told to do so. In fact that is the best way to trigger a tantrum in a child and I don’t believe we adults are no different.

But what if, I told you there is a way to switch into calm. Our body is tense, we are in a constant fight or flight response, which means permanent stress, and it weakens our immune system.

How can we swap from sympathetic nervous system into parasympathetic nervous system ?

Good news, there is a switch button and I will teach you in this video

how to activate your rest and digest system literally anywhere and anytime.

No matter if someone is pushing with their trolley in your heel, or the kids are all over the place.

If you always wanted to start to meditate this is step 1 Plus deep belly breathing technique can increase your lung volume. If you liked the video and you think your friends can benefit from this technique please share.

Find more tips on how to stay sane in quarantine in my book Stay sane in quarantine by Nina Boons

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