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Are you grounding your children?

No, I don’t mean the form of punishment where you send your kids for x-amount of time to their room, quiet corner or they have to remain in the house opposed to playing with their friends.

Let`s be honest with latter we merely punish ourselves.

No, I mean grounding as in earthing, for example by standing barefoot in the grass, walk at the beach, swim in the ocean or do some gardening.

Nature works amazingly simple. If we walk barefoot we connect with earth and we exchange electrons and their energy. For a more scientific description read

Think for a moment of all these proverbs: losing ground, feeling grounded, loosing ground, someone is down to earth… They indicate an imbalance or shift of energy and that earth or the ground has to do with it.

Now I find it amazing observing my kids. It was just their birthday and from all those gifts they received, their favorite are: gumboots.

Living in a warmer climate they typically run barefoot at any given opportunity, but since they have the gumboots they are even more outdoors than usual. They are creating mud puddles to jump in, or alternatively as a spa for their dinosaurs. They run in the rain. hey are constantly in touch with nature and by doing so they naturally ground themselves.

These days even the youngest kids are more exposed to stress than ever, topped by poor food choices. Additionally we are constantly exposed to electrical equipment with its currents and voltages, which can impact on our body function. But we offer very little changes to recharge ourselves.

We do not just need to recharge our phone, which by the way is more grounded in the power socket than we are at times, we also need to recharge ourselves.

We all know earth has a magnetic field. Its energy.

If we walk barefoot we connect with earth and this energy we can discharge our negative energy and recharge.

How fun it is to watch kids doing it naturally. They don’t know why they love being rather outside than watching TV. They simply follow their instincts if we let them. Being out in nature running around, creating games and developing naturally is the perfect stress relief for them.

It is natural.

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