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Autoimmunity and the Corona virus

Here are my best tips to boost your immune system besides staying calm:

Spoiler alert :Hoarding on toilet paper ain’t none of them !

1) Wash your hands.

I think we all have seen the ´how to´ instructions. But bear in mind the others need to wash their hands to, stop hoarding all the soap.

Be conscious that sanitary hand cleaner also wipes the good bacteria, the protective shield, of the biggest organ of your body.

2) Add more natural source of antioxidants to your diet. They capture the damaging free radicals. The benefit from full load of antioxidants rich food here are my favorite:

Pomegranate Berries, specifically wild blueberries

3) Add more natural Vitamin C to your diet, which is an antioxidant. Vitamin C supplements are for many the obvious choice, but did you know even though you take 100% in form of a supplement the body can only absorb a fraction at the time?! It would be advisable to search for a product that discharges the Vitamin C throughout the day in smaller doses. Most products are made of ascorbic acid, which is harder to absorb that real deal.

Look in products for a mix of ascorbic acid out of a natural source or even better C-Ester.

But why not going for the option as nature intended such as citrus fruits as well as red bell pepper and cruciferous vegetables.

4) It does not need to be hours in the gym but you need to get your blood and and your lymphatic liquids flowing to increase the natural detox process. Top tip : 10 min jump on a trampoline or alternatively the good old skipping rope.

5) The word is everywhere: anti-inflammatory

Lifestyle such as stress and diet influence strongly the wellbeing of our body. With concern we are looking to the Western Standard diet. Rather causing the inflammation being :

- full of grease or hydrogenated oils -. more than 60 different names for sugar

- artificial flavors

- preservatives

-food dyes

5) Did you know that more than 80% of your immune system sits in your gut?! W hat ever you eat either nourishes you or it feeds into the opportunistic gut bacteria.

Rethink the diet aspect.

6) Drink more water and ditch the sodas and store bought juices. Reduce alcohol and coffee.

If you feel like you need help with an immune system friendly diet message me!

Here a more detailed video on the topic

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