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How sleep can keep us sane in quarantine

Updated: May 2, 2020

Sure enough, sleep works like a time capsule, when you wake up it is breakfast time. But we will put the spotlight on those that can't sleep well. I know how tough it is, I suffered from it for a long time with devastating consequences.

Insomnia is a word for many conditions such as:

-not being able to fall asleep

-not being able to stay asleep or sleep through the night

-disturbed sleep especially since quarantine

-waking through the night

-not being able to get back into sleep

During quarantine the reported cases of insomnia have increased, which is alarming. Additionally, people suffer from weird dreams, nightmares and restless sleep. While being half awake our thoughts are racing. Irrational thoughts and negative imaginations fueling into anxiety, panic and depression. Observing the clock as the hours ticking by is not exactly helping to relax. How many sheep does one need to count anyways?!

Sleep is where the magic functions of our body happen such as:

-housekeeping functions of the body such as natural detoxing

-repair of cells and tissue

-reset, restore and rejuvenate

-processing of thoughts and feelings

-physical and mental healing

Sleep is of utmost importance in our circadian rhythm, which has been programmed and adjusted since thousands of years. It is our body clock, which works for and with us. But never works against us.

Sadly, modern lifestyle requires to overwrite our natural circadian rhythm. Insomnia is just one of many symptoms.

Consequences of no or little sleep:


-lower immune system

-slower healing response

-poor memory

-low energy, exhaustion

-anxiety, nervousness


-long term consequences due to chronic sleep deprivation

…just to name a few.

Factors, that influence quality of sleep:

-sedentary lifestyle

-nutrition especially heavy and greasy meals at night time as well as high sugars at night

-deficiencies especially magnesium, vitamins B, C and D

-gut health or absence thereof for example parasites

-disturbed adrenal and cortisol levels that mess up the circadian rhythm, they leave us tired but wired -caffeine and alcohol consumption

The environment of your bedroom contributes to your sleep quality:

-air temperature

-air quality


-use black out curtains it needs to be fully dark

-no blue light or any light sources in the room

-switch of all electronical devices not just stand by

-electric currents and electromagnetic waves influence your sleep

Tips for a deeper and restful sleep even during quarantine:

-bedroom rules: go to bed early, don’t sleep in, set alarm get up directly no snooze button

-stick to a bedtime routine for example warm drink, warm shower, no bluelight 2 hrs prior to bedtime -exercise regularly

-body and colon cleanse twice a year

-have a journal by your bedside to write down thoughts -practices deep belly breathing

-drink more water -nutrition is key. Your dinner should be designed to feed you through the night, not being too greasy nor too high on sugar. Learn how to feed your happiness hormones.

For tips on nutrition during quarantine here is my book: Stay sane in quarantine by Nina Boons

Contact me directly for your individualized session to get your sleep back on track.

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