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How to create a routine that keeps you sane in quarantine

Looking at my kids, they are the calmest when they can anticipate what is to come for that day.

Now I look at us adults during quarantine, the rug literally taken from underneath our feet.

A daily routine, practiced for years, replaced with quarantine.

This quarantine is loaded with challenges such as :

-work from home



-stay at home with all these people we used to see for a few hours a day

- spending time in a place called home, which we often just used to sleep at. Lots of homes are more like a train station: its coming and going.

- nowhere else to go, now everyone hovers in the corner with the best internet connection.

- we know spend 24\7 which the people we would see for a few hours a day and at the weekends.

- dinner has become the highlight of the day

-and let´s not forget, home is not for everyone a sanctuary.

- now we feel like a zoo animal locked away in a cage.

How to create a routine that keeps you sane in quarantine?!

Some good old German virtue comes in handy: discipline and being organized.

Here are my tips to create a functioning routine for your home :

1) Functioning daily routine .

Create a household strategy aka a to- do- list.

Plan your month, week, day and hour

-take a schedule or calendar and assign for each day the relevant tasks in time block

-having designated time slots and adhering to it will keep you productive not busy

- get stuff done don’t procrastinate


-delegate or share tasks if possible

- no multitasking allowed just single pointed focus

- take charge, be responsible, if you read this you are the adult here, accept the responsibility

- run your day or it runs you over

Here is a simple guideline :

PLAN →ACT→ASSESS→ADJUST→REDO it is that simple.

2) Strong mental routine Be mindful and intentional with your time. It’s the small things that count, acknowledge them. In a house full of people with little privacy something as simple like drinking that coffee with intention can be me time already.

Practice deep belly breathing, and if you haven’t already use it for meditation exercise.

Set time aside for you, even if its to read a book.

3) Emotional Routine

We easily get overhelmed by all the negativity around us right now.

Even more so time to focus on being grateful. If you are at home in quarantine than you are not locked away, you are save.

Change of perspective can do wonders in these time.

Start to journal and mention 3 good things that happened to you today or have a gratitude jar.

We learned about the hormones that make us happy and how we feel when we are not balanced, listen to your body and work with it and the circadian rhythm.

If you feel the need of sense of accomplishment as housework isn’t going to cut it for you.

Make a bucket list or goal board, with the things you have put on for too long. Decluttering a bedroom can give you that sense of accomplishment and speeds up your happiness hormones, you will be surprised. So here a quick guide on how to set goals properly.

Specific goals

Measurable, need to quantify in time or volume

Achievable Realistic

Time sensitive

Sticking to this short guideline is going to guarantee success during your quarantine extracurricular activities. If you need help getting organized or an accountability partner, let me know this is part of my coaching practice.

4) healthy routine

- eat healthy to boost immunity

- sleep sufficient to allow body to rest and recover

- exercise feeds your happy hormones and gets your lymphatic system flowing

- pick up the phone and connect with friends and family

Be consistent it’s the sum of small efforts that make the difference. And best of all tomorrow is a new day, and a new chance!

For more tips read the book stay sane in quarantine by Nina Boons

click here to purchase

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