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How to nourish your happiness hormones

Let´s put a spotlight on the hormones that make us happy. The very same hormones, when unbalanced, control our mood, depression and anxiety specifically now during quarantine.

Nature is like clock work, it functions without a flaw, unless you take the tiniest part out. Suddenly it doesn’t run so smooth anymore.

Similar to Ayurveda or chakra healing, we need to keep a balance of the 4 happiness hormones. Equilibrium is the goal.

Since quarantine, I see more people raising concern about their mental wellbeing. I am always tired, can´t get out of bed, I feel depressed and anxious, are currently the most remarks.

Let me assure you it is normal to feel that way from time today. We do not need to pretend that everything is okay, when we are not okay. We need to allow our emotions to be present, they are the guide to inner wellbeing and an indicator for deficiencies. Let me warn you I am not a doctor. If symptom persist, I urge you to seek medical advice.

However, here is my take on what you might be experiencing. Here a little biochemical excursion for beginner on:

How to stay sane in quarantine

1) Oxytocin It’s the love and bonding hormone, which creates trust and comfort. This is the hormone that took the hardest hit by social distancing. Ever noticed how the world didn’t seem so bad anymore after a big hug, that’s oxytocin.

Low level symptoms -feeling alarmed - feeling vulnerable and unprotected -isolation -disconnected

2) Dopamine It’s the so called reward hormone. It is the hormone that makes us jump for joy when we achieve a goal. Interestingly, cocaine triggers dopamine levels, so does sugar.

Ever noticed that sugar and cocaine look similar? Do you think it’s a coincidence? Ask our brain. It will say it makes me feel so good that I want more. If low on dopamine you might experience some of the symptoms below: -lack of energy -lethargic -procrastination -lack of motivation - sleeping problems - low libido -tired easily My conclusion: you are probably not depressed it´s simply time to feed your dopamine levels.

3) Serotonin It’s the hormone of calm and inner wellbeing. Serotonin is the pride we feel after mission accomplished. It is our mood stabilizer and most sensitive to dietary lifestyle. Low level symptoms: - worry - anxiety -seasonal affective disorder or the winter blues -light sleeper, moodiness - food craving sweet or salty - obsessive behavior like OCD and perfectionism -easily addicted to TV, sugar, games etc. - IBS like symptoms -fatigue -migraines -low self-esteem Quarantine accelerates the symptoms due to:

-emotional trauma - stress - ineffective sleep -sedentary lifestyle - little opportunity to move outside the house and follow usual exercise routine

4) Endorphin Works as painkiller released after exercise, known as the runners high. When your endorphins take over than there is a fine line between pleasure and pain.

Low level symptoms: - back or neck pain - headaches and migraines - emotional and sensitive -feeling depressed no fun in life - craving pleasure food like chocolate -GABA deficiency

People with low endorphins don’t respond well to Antidepressants, which makes sense as they don’t attend to the root cause of the problem.

How to nourish your happiness hormones:

Do´s -Supplement with high quality products if needed (Magnesium, B-Vitamins, D, Calcium, Zinc) - Anti-inflammatory diet containing lots of antioxidants, collard greens, cruciferous vegetable -food with low glycemic index that stabilized blood sugar - freshly homecooked meals -laugh, smile - hug - sleep sufficiently - apply breathing techniques including yoga and meditation - find an exercise routine that suits you - nuts specifically walnuts - seeds specifically flax, hemp, chia, sunflower, pumpkin - Epsom salt baths - be in nature, ground yourself - Take your natural dose of Vitamin D my exposing safely to sunlight -listen to music -massages - drink more water, infused water or herbal teas

Don´t: -caffein -alcohol -processed food -deep fried food -stress -sleep deprived

If you need help to get your happiness hormones back on track please use the booking an apointment option of this webpage.

For the full book Stay sane in quarantine by Nina Boons please click here.

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