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How to stay sane in quarantine

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

About a few weeks ago we all had a daily routine, where we would wake up by an alarm clock, have breakfast, get kids to school, go to work, eat at set times and do after work or extracurricular activities. On the weekends we would run our errands and do recreational activities. Seems like lightyears ago.

Most of us experienced a total disruption of daily life in the past few days and weeks. We have been catapulted out of our comfort zone into the absolute unknown. Fear, anxiety and panic are omnipresent. We are ruled by survival mode. It also means permanent stress on our body and immune system.

How can we gain back control in order to stay sane in quarantine?

Here my top 10 tips to help us coping with the situation:

1) Create a functional routine. Adjust when needed. Since the lock down life as we knew it has turned upside down. What we crave the most is our routine this is the save space where we can anticipate what happens next. It gives us a sense of control, safety and security. With routines, rituals and boundaries we feel literally grounded. Even though the alarm clock doesn’t wake us anymore, we still follow a functioning daily routine. Everyone doing a part in the household chores. Create rituals within that routine and be mindful about it. For example if you don’t have me-time just take the moment of your morning cuppa and drink it mindfully, declare that cup as me-time.

2) In these times communication is more key than ever. For example one ritual in our house is an emotional check in time. Specially our kids can sense that something is off, they don’t have the means of voicing their concern, so we simply ask: How are you today?

Communication among family and partner can be a minefield. We often expect them to read our mind. Just because something is obvious to us doesn´t mean the other person has picked up on it.Everyone has different coping mechanism and is preoccupied dealing with the situation in their own way. That can cause miscommunication and the sense of being disconnected even though we are closer than ever. Speaking it out loud is important.

Giving space in quarantine is difficult, therefore simply communicate, it is ok to need a moment of time out. Everyone is allowed to have a bad day, but it needs to be properly communicated. Don’t play the guessing game. Opposed to verbally leashing out at each other just ask for what it is that you need.

Speak respectfully, words can´t be taken back.

3) Work on your mindset. In times were we feel our life has been taken over by a virus, we often forget we do have a choice how we respond to any given situation. We can change the narrative and our attitude. Were focus goes, energy flows. So, why not focusing on the can do opposed to cannot. Make plans for personal growth, do the things around the house you put aside for so long, read that book, play with the kids, be in the moment. But don’t perceive it as a must. Be grateful that you can. Write down the positive things that happen to you, the small things make the difference. Or have you ever tried to sleep with a mosquito in your room? !

To get into the habit most people journal. It’s a great way to revisit the up and downs of the day.

4) Reconnect with friends. Check in on them via that device we use for social media. It once had a function named call. Social distancing doesn’t mean total isolation. Don’t wait for people to call you. If you feel like you want to communicate simply do it.

5) No one ever calmed down or relaxed by being told to do so. Breathing is the only answer. You can activate your parasympathetic nervous system for example with deep belly breathing.

6) Find a way to incorporate an exercise routine into your day. There are tons of free classes and communities out there on the internet you just have to decide to participate. However, dancing to your favorite song while doing the dishes qualifies in this moment too.

7) Sleep well. This is the time where we rest, process information and recover. Don’t cut it short over a Netflix binge worthy series, you can still do that all day tomorrow.

8) What we eat affects greatly our mood. Stick to a healthy diet will help you through these days on so many levels including immune boosting.

9) Primary food is the food that is not on our plate yet it nourishes us like the hugs, smiles, friendly words and kisses. Add more to your life. Make someone else smile today.

10) Create goals and perhaps a bucket list of things you want to do after this is over. It is always easier to get through the tunnel when you see the light on the other side.

If this feels like groundhog day to you, than make the most of it, and don’t worry you´ll get a new chance tomorrow.

I am integrated nutrition & holistic health coach happy to coach you through this difficult time in terms of creating lasting lifestyle changes, goal setting, personal growth and if needed you can just vent. Simply click the book now button on the main page.

For more info click here to download the full book Stay sane in quarantine by Nina Boons

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