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Natural Helicobacter Pylori treatment

How I naturally eliminated Helicobacter Pylori in 60 days.

First things first. I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. I would always recommend to consult a doctor first. If you are on multiple medications, I strongly recommend against trying this without medical supervision, as products might interfere with your medication.

However, if you are like me, sick and tired of countless doctor visits with no results then read on.

This is my personal knowledge and experience, which I would like to share with you. My story in a nutshell: Knowing now, it is easier to explain what happened then.

I was absolutely clueless... but let me begin with ground zero, after my second pregnancy. A few weeks after the birth of my second son I suffered from a mastitis and received a course of antibiotics, still breastfeeding at the time, clearly my baby did get a dose, too.

It all went down the hill from there. The baby developed what doctors mark down as colic. For months he would scream at night. I was terrified, I would never know when he would wake up, for how long he would scream and there was no way to settle him.

He developed skin hives, which were diagnosed as environmental allergies. I developed insomnia. From there adrenal fatigue and then burn out. The doctors suggested it would pass as its just one of those phases. Unknowingly and without further explanation I was prescribed Xanax and Valium, with the words: That would sort me out.

I returned the pills on the very same day after I found out what it really was. I was furious, 30 days of these had the potential to make me an addict.

2 years into my misery, by coincidence, I came across the benefits of body cleansing, some of the symptoms I read about in the article, matched mine. I became increasingly curious about gut health. Little by little through study, trial and error my healing journey progressed.

The importance of gut health became my passion and obsession.

I did learn about the existence of Hashimoto's and found out that thyroiditis lay within my family. On my maternal side everyone was on thyroid support medication. That info received me too late, I had developed Hashimoto's disease. And it was me prompting the doctors for testing to finally confirm the diagnosis.

It is easier to fight something if you know what you are up against.

I followed strict healing protocols. But never achieved 100% health, until I learned that Hashimoto's is merely a symptom. It would not be put into remission until the root-cause was eliminated.

That root-cause seemed to be Helicobacter Pylori.

An antibody stool test confirmed my suspicion and the doctors recommended the standard course of antibiotics. On a side note, stool tests produce easily false results, it has to be super fresh. Yikes, I know.

The triple or quadruple treatment suggested by the doctor didn’t seem to make sense to me. Given the fact, that they contain proton pump inhibitors, which reduce stomach acid. One reason why H. Pylori can thrive in the first place, is low hydrochloride acid.

Low stomach acid hinders full digestion of food and therefore nutrient absorption is less effective.

That was my first clue why a conventional medical treatment was out of the picture for me.

H. Pylori should be treated promptly. If it goes unnoticed for a long time it has the potential to cause serious health issues.

H. Pylori settles in the inner linings of the stomach. Its helical shape is thought to have evolved in order to penetrate the mucoid lining of the stomach and thereby establishes infections, which would trigger an immune response in order to heal.

H. Pylori secrets urease, which neutralized stomach acid. The byproduct of urease and stomach acid is toxic to epithelial cells and surrounding cells.

Such an infection that remains undetected for longer periods can be the cause for leaky gut, food sensitivities and symptoms based on deficiencies.

My non doctor experience would suggest this is a good way to start a leaky gut root- cause-analysis.

Taking several weeks round of strong antibiotics with a high failure rate or possible need for repetition didn’t seem particularly useful nor efficient to me. Given that antibiotics don’t just erase the bad bacteria but also the good ones, I thought long and hard about an alternative treatment.

Think about it what does a living organism need to thrive and how does it behave?

It's like the fire triangle. In order for a fire to burn it needs heat, fuel and oxygen. Take one away and you weaken or extinguish the fire.

I took the same approach towards H. Pylori with a sprinkle of good faith in mother nature.

Now, most people have H. Pylori, but a healthy gut keeps these opportunistic buggers at bay.

In my experience and study as integrated nutrition and holistic health coach, I start by taking each person's individual health history into account in order to identify the triggers that may have caused the gut dysbiosis and therefore allowed H. Pylori to thrive.

For consultation on this matter please book a free initial health assessment at the booking part of this webpage.

But let's cut to the chase on how to get rid of this pesky bacterium. Here is my personal healing protocol experience.

We being with an elimination diet, where we temporarily remove all triggering food in order to boost your immune system and reduce inflammation. In order to reduce inflammation, the elimination diet is needed for a minimum of 90 days. Depending on your personal development.That means in short: -fluten-free -non GMO -no processed food - no alcohol -no junk food -dairy free - soy free

Sounds daunting ?! Well just think of the consequences living with that pesky Pylori, or the collateral damage caused by antibiotics.

This is where we integrated nutrition & holistic health coaches come in handy. We love to keep you motivated and focused on the CAN DO foods: -fresh produce -home cooked meals -more water -mostly plant based protein -plant based Omega 3's -fruit and vegetable rich in fiber and antioxidants -70 grams daily Broccoli sprouts and sulforaphanes per day

We are here to help you with your new meal plans and making transition as easy as possible for you. Click here to book your appointment.

Some of your symptoms may be caused by deficiencies. For a quick relieve proper supplementation can be an option. Quality and the right product is key, find a few suggestions at the bottom of the article. Please seek medical advice prior for correct dosage of the supplement. Some supplements are available as body spray which allows better bio-availability if gut health is compromised.

Possible supplements can be: -Zinc -Vitamin D -B-Complex (Folate instead of folic acid, B Vitamins should be in methyl form in order to be easy absorbable) -Magnesium (various forms depending on symptoms) -Vitamin C (ideally in ester form and not just ascorbic acid)

Once settled intoe your new dietary routine, slowly introduced natural super power for a duration of 60 days. I always start with 1 pill at the time and slowly increase amount. Morning - 50ml of Aloe Vera inner leaf drinking gel Probiotics that contain the strain S. Boulardii 5-15 billion units per capsule 2 times daily -drink 500ml water with half a lemon or lime - wait at least 30 min - cup of dandelion root tea instead of morning coffee

Throughout the day -garlic, if possible raw or as 50mg tablets, 3 times daily which each meal -Oregano Oil, 150mg per tablet, 3 times daily. This is very potent please do adequate research prior to use. -N-Acetyl-L-Cystein, 3 per day -pure Cranberry juice, not store bought, alternatively as pills -Mastic Gum, 500mg, 2-3 times daily 60 days

-DGL as tablets (deglycyrrhizinated licorice root extract) 3 times daily

-Propolis in tablet form 1-3 times daily

Bedtime routine -50ml of Aloe Vera inner leaf drinking gel -Probiotics that contain the strain S. Boulardii 5-15 billion units per capsule 2 times daily -a cup of Hibiscus tea

For those suffering food sensitivities, I suggest digestive enzymes as well as a SIBO test.

Throughout the entire 90 days I would make tea out of fresh: -Curcumin -Ginger -Cinnamon This is typical case of bio-individuality. The treatment depends on your personal health history. Some of this might help you, some doesn’t, it's all in the right mix for you.

There surely is trial and error involved. Again, please seek medical attention prior.

Please read on for part 2 of the story as it doesn’t stop by eliminating Pylori. We still have work to do. We have to heal the gut, restore the inner lining of your gut and then carefully reintroduce food groups. For more info please contact me directly.

Links for products and references please see below:

May include affiliated links.

Hashimotos protocol by Izabella Wentz

Medical Medium by Anthony Williams Dr. Axe about antibiotic side effects

Supplements Garlic

S. Boullardii probiotic Absorbent C Vitamin pure Aloe Vera drinking gel in various flavours -Propolis


Oregano oil

Mastic gum N-A-C digestive Essential-zymes

Super B Complex Super C chewable

For further info please contact us directly.

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