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Sensible food shopping in time of panic buying

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

It was one thing to watch a crisis unfold on TV. It is entirely different to be part of it in your country of residency.

Looking over to Europe, thinking of what will happen to us living a third world country makes me worried. Given the news and statistics it is hard not to succumb into panic.

I did dare to go out to shop.

Given my nutritional needs suffering from autoimmunity there are a few products it did not want to be without and it got me thinking of

What do we really need and how much?

This blog is not going to be the ultimate survival guide, which I did google beforehand and found rather little helpful.

I would say it is relatively save to assume that we will have drinking water and electricity with the usual frequency, meaning I am stocked up on bottled water, batteries and candles regardless.

But even on a regular base we have out of stock situations,where products don´t return for months at the time. If everyone buys in panic uncontrollably it enforces and worsens the out of stock situations for all of us. There is currently no need to do so. Let´s all be sensible and not do panic buys. Think of the elderly and poorer they probably don´t have the means of stocking up or paying at exuberating prices.

So what does one need ?

here an inside of a holistic health coach with an autoimmune disease:

1) Buy fresh food while available. There is nothing better to boost immunity than eating fruit and veggies in all colours of the rainbow.

2) Do online shopping to avoid crowds.

3) Drink water or herbal tea instead of store bought juices. Let me assure you eating an actual orange instead of drinking a liter juice is somewhat more beneficial for you. I understand just water is boring but have you tried infused water ?! Another great way of keeping up veggie intake and liquids are smoothies, self made veggie juices and soups. Have you heard of bone broth yet ?

4) Given that there is electricity I would always chose frozen over canned goods. Here are a few reasons why: -The vitamin and mineral level of frozen food is dramatically higher -In order to preserve canned products it needs high sodium -metal can leak into the veggies and lining on the can is not healthy either -if canned products buy in glass jars instead.

5) Add fresh herbs such as oregano, thyme and basil to your meals.

6) There are great plant based, inexpensive, high shelf life, dried food out there such as lentils, beans, chickpeas, quinoa

On the carbohydrate side we have rice, polenta, couscous. For everyone´s favorite the pasta I rather chose the gluten free version.

7) We eat oat meal , I do not tolerate any version of cornflakes in my house.

8) Apple sauce, ideally home made. It is such a classic.

9 ) Buy flour and ingredients to make pancake, waffles, bread (nutritional upgrade recipes can be found in my FB group @nutritional upgrade by Nina Boons )

10) The good oils such as olive oil, avocado oil and ghee 

11) Mushrooms any kind either fresh or as tea, they have the ability to mark unusual cells in our body

12) Rethink your cleaning products and perhaps its time to give natural household cleaners a go such as lemon, baking soda, vinegar and within next few days I will reveal my favorites so stay tuned. But be aware that chlorbased products are loaded with toxins that can damage our pulmonary system.

13) If you feel like you need help swapping to an anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting lifestyle please contact me directly.

For more tips my book is available now please click here Stay sane in quarantine by Nina Boons

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