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The weight loss joker during quarantine

Updated: May 12, 2020

Over the last few weeks we spoke a lot about preventing weight loss by:

-creating a functioning routine

-exercising regularly

-proper nutrition and clean eating

-deconstructing cravings

-dealing with emotional eating

Well, what if we already gained that weight?

What if our goal was to take better care of ourselves during quarantine ?

Yet, we failed?

The good news is, it’s not too late. Quarantine is like Groundhog day, you get a new chance to start all over, every morning.

As an integrated nutrition health coach I don’t do diets. They leave us feel like we are getting deprived of our favorite foods, which sets of a chain reaction of wanting that kind of food even more and we spiral back into the food craving loop.

In a time where we miss out on so much, I have zero intention to take away anyone's food.

I also don’t believe that a calorie equals a calorie.

I do not believe that 2000 kcal worth of donuts are the same as 2000 kcal of fruit and vegetable. Just imagine how much fruit and vegetable you have to eat to get to 2000 kcal.

That is precisely the principle of crowding out. Loading the plate with so much goodness that there is no space for anything else. And you can still eat your favorite meals, we just tweak them a bit by nutritional upgrading. It also means we chose quality over quantity.

Then, we add an individualized plan with your goals that include your functioning routine and exercise. My tip: start writing a food journal to get a feel for how much you really eat.

Knowing that we have gained weight leaves us with an unsatisfactory feeling. If it keeps you from staying sane in quarantine, then here is my joker to kick start into your new goal of weight loss: a body cleanse

Symptoms that you are in need of a cleanse:

-weight gain


-low libido

- nsomnia

-brain fog



-low motivation, procrastination, low energy only name a few.

Benefits of a cleanse:

-can erase cravings

-strengthens the immune system

-regains energy

- improves digestion

-reduces inflammation

-weight loss

-supports liver function in detoxing

-working with the circadian rhythm is giving the body essential time to actually do its work without constantly jumping to aid with digestion of greasy sugary snacks

-A quick initial weight loss is a big reward and instant gratification, which will keep you motivated.

Be careful, initially a cleanse can lower the immune system. It always gets worse before it gets better.

Caution, there are a ton of products and systems out there all promising the quick fix pill. That does not exist.

I suggest a customized plan that actually fits your needs, takes your current health into consideration, and works with you to reach your personal goals. For in initial consultation to create such a plan please click here.

Looking forward to work with you!

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