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Why it takes more than just eliminating H. Pylori

In Part 1 of my blog How I eliminated Helicobacter Pylori naturally in less than 90 days, we learned that Helicobacter Pylori can be the root-cause of many chronic illnesses as well as autoimmune diseases including Hashimoto's disease.

If left untreated for too long, the infection will manifest in many different symptoms. Many doctors don’t even suspect a Pylori overgrowth as reason.

In part 1, I shared my personal experience on how I eliminated Pylori naturally in 60 days. In case you missed it read here again.

However, it doesn’t stop there.

Treating Helicobacter Pylori only means you eliminate the root-cause, yet, we still have a whole lot of healing to do, which is just as important.

This process is difficult to generalize. It very much depends on how long the infection went unrecognised and how much damaged it caused. Each person responds differently to a treatment. The next chapter on your healing history depends very much on your very own health history. We will have to: - heal the gut -restore the inner linings of the gut - reset gut balance -balance nutritional deficiencies - reintroduce food groups -observe food allergies -monitor symptoms This is a very individual process.

It might be worth- while to invest in our 6 months program. Where we together

1) create a personalized elimination plan 2) introduce an individual healing protocol 3) create permanent and long-lasting lifestyle changes in order to keep on track of your healing journey. Once you do feel better, we make sure you don’t fall of the wagon. And if you do, we put you right back up on it and make sure you continue until you reach your personal goals.

Yes, there will be some trial and error involved as what works for some might be total opposite for others, but we are to help.

If you thought this info might be helpful to friends that suffer from Helicobacter Pylori please share this article. If you feel you do need help please click the book now button for your free initial consultation.

Here are, again, my product recommendations that I used including some helpful literature. May include affiliated links. Hashimotos protocol by Izabella Wentz

Medical Medium by Anthony Williams Dr. Axe

Supplement links Garlic-Thyme

Oregano oil

S. Boullardii probiotic AbsorbentVitamin C pure Aloe Vera drinking gel in various flavours Propolis


Mastic gum

N-A-C digestive enzymes called Essentialzymes Super B complex Super C Vitamin chewable

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