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Why you need a health coach by your side

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

My name is Nina Boons I am integrated nutrition and health coach. I speak English, German and Spanish, which means I an help you in either one of the languages. I am also expat wife and mum of 2 boys. I am neither witch nor quacksalber.

Let me share how I can help you during these difficult times:

1) In times of social distancing I work more online than ever, which means we can easily connect.

2) Most of us are overhelmed with the current situation, if you just need to vent or cry that is ok.

I am here to listen.

I have individual sessions available. Online. While we cant currently hand out hugs we can still create nourishing relations and I don’t mean chocolate ice cream. Releasing that pressure is incredible important as stress literally weakens our immune system.

3) Quarantine and restrictions have forced us out of our comfort zone. The good news are:

that is where growth happens. No, I don’t mean the waistline, as we all eat too much. The current situation is challenging why not getting mental support you need from a coach. We establish a new improved routine. Something positive that gets you out of bed and makes you look forward to make it through this crisis. Now is a good time.

4) I work with clients on individualized and goal oriented plans. Each person has their very own needs and goals, we respect that. Lets create a plan together to improve your wellbeing. That might mean obviously different things to different people and ranges from weight-loss, to energy gain, resetting sleep patterns, dealing with autoimmune disease or picky eaters.

5) I rarely put my clients on a diet. On a contrary, I make them eat a lot more of the good stuff. We call that crowding out. We eat so much of the good stuff that we don’t crave the bad. And no, you don’t have to eat only greens or become a vegan. I created ´nutritional upgrading´, where you can still have pizza and pancakes but with the best possible ingredients.

6) Immunity boost is now more important than ever, let me help you overdo your pantry and adjust some cooking habits. Now, we all have more times at hand as we could probably wish for.

7) Time to declutter your life. Clean out your fridge, storages, cupbards and liberate space, I promise you achieving something makes you feel good about yourself.

8) If you currently suffer from a lack of energy, feel overwhelmed, anxious or lightly depressed, we can create a routine including meals that make you feel refreshed.

9) We might have to keep our distance in real time but these days let´s use social media for positivity.

10) If you feel any of your friends would benefit from my work please share this post.

You want a sneak peak of my work click here for my book Stay sane in quarantine by Nina Boons

For apointments please click on the booking option on this webpage.

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