Nutritional upgrade by Nina Boons
Diets don't work!
And the moment we are told not to eat it, we crave it like never before.
My clients can eat and if you eat fresh and natural products you will never have to count calories again.
Learn how to nutritionally upgrade your favorite meals! As easy as 1,2,3.

1) Swap the bad ingredients for healthier options

2) Eat more of what is good for you

3) Learn to make smarter choices around food

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Nutritional upgrade by Nina Boons.

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This is the most popular dessert at Casa Boons. Any version of sorbet.

-no added sugar
-we use the entire fruit no juice or concentrate
-no preservatives or additives
- dairy-free
-gluten -free
-vegan friendly

For Mango sorbet
End of Mango season let’s make the most of it with Mango sorbet.
Given that our household is under dairy free restriction that nagging and missing feeling of ice Creme during a vacation is taking over.

Step 1: let the kids having fun collecting as many Mango as they can.
Step 2: cut and liquify the Mango in a blender.
Step 3: deepfreeze
Step 4 : liquify Mango for example with Vanilla flavored Almond milk or coconut milk, low sugar, as the Mangoes are already as sweet as sweet can be!

For a little crunch add coconut oil it will freeze in the sorbet.

Last but not least ! Enjoy